Unit conversion

www.conv.info provides thousands of unit conversion calculators, time calculators financial converters and other much needed information.
The idea behind www.conv.info was to provide people with access to information which is much needed ina global economy and global village reality where countries collaborate with others countries, investors from one country invest in real estate and pother businesses offshore and people are buying a veriety of products and services on the internet.
In such a reality, when regions of the world use different measurement units, buting a product such as a table is very hard if you cannot convert it's size (width, length and height) and imagine or measure if and how it will fit in your living room.
The whole idea of a global village is to bridge the gap between cultures, people and countries making everything and everyone accessible anytime - sometimes for a price, but minor differances in the way we measure thing may cause difficulties, so unit conversion has become a necessity.
Another thing www.conv.info offers it's users are calculators to simplify daily (or even less often used) tasks such as discount or tax calculation, time measurements and many other operations a computer can do in a heartbeat while calculating by hand may take minutes or even hours.

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